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Life Expectancy with 95% Kidney Failure

2013-06-18 15:46

Life Expectancy with 95% Kidney FailureWhat is the life expectancy for people with 95% kidney failure? Kidney is an organ that serves us in many ways. Kidney function decreases gradually as more and more kidney tissues are damaged and fail to work properly. Kidney failure occurs when kidney function is less 15%. For people with 95% kidney failure, almost all the kidney tissues have been damaged. Even though, there is something that patient can expect.

We all know life expectancy for kidney failure depends on many factors. For people with 95% kidney function, dialysis is a must, and this can help to reduce their risk for life-threatening complications like cardiovascular disease. Dialysis helps to remove toxins, but can not repair kidney damages, so they need to stick on their regular disease. And also, for patients whose kidneys have 95% failed, there is only a slim hope for them to get off dialysis due to the severe kidney damages. But fortunately, there is great hope for them to reduce dialysis frequency, which will help to decrease the incidence of dialysis side effects.

For patients with 95% kidney failure, even though their kidneys have been damaged badly, but there is still healthy kidney function and there is still bloodstream in kidney. Under such a condition, it is possible for medication to get into kidney lesion with bloodstream. In an affected kidney, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells. For these necrotic cells, they have died and lost all their working ability. And it is impossible to bring them back to life again according to current illness condition. However, for these which are simply injured but still alive, there is chance to repair them and help them get recovery with some medicines. People with 95% kidney failure can not get off dialysis as the residual kidney function is not effective enough to maintain a normal life. However, once these injured kidney cells are repaired to work again, kidney function gets improved and at that time, it is quite possible for patients to reduce their dialysis frequency.

We all know there is no chance to make a 95% failed kidney to go back to normal again, but this does not mean patients have no chance to live a better life. Therefore, if you are a patient with 95% kidney failure, please do not be negative and give up. Seize this last chance to improve your life expectancy.

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