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Can We Die With Impaired Kidney And GFR 24

2013-08-14 18:05

Can We Die With Impaired Kidney And GFR 24GFR is always measured to learn how well the kidney work and how serious the kidney damages are. GFR 24 is a very low level, as normal GFR is claimed to range between 90-120mL/min/1.73m2. Therefore, will we die with impaired kidney and GFR 24?

First of all, what does GFR 24 mean?

GFR 24 is a very low level and always imply kidney function have been affected severely. A healthy kidney is a basic for us to live normally. Healthy kidneys help us regulate blood pressure, discharge wastes in blood, keep electrolyte balance and produce urine. When kidneys are injured and kidney function is affected, GFR decreases and many symptoms that are related with kidney function will occur. For one with GFR 24, the most commonly seen symptoms are high blood pressure, digestive discomforts, itching skin, tiredness, anemia and shortness of breath and so on.

Can we die with impaired kidney and GFR 24

In an affected kidney, GFR decreases as kidneys fail to filter blood fully within limited time. Waste products are removed from blood when kidneys filter blood, so with low GFR, there are always lots of harmful substance in blood which should have been expelled by kidney.

As for the question can we die with impaired kidney and GFR 24, I’d like to say we will not die with low GFR, but we suffer from serious complications easily due to the high levels of wastes in blood if no treatment is given and these complications always become the final cause of death. For kidney failure patients, the leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

How to improve GFR naturally?

To improve GFR, strengthening renal filtration function is essential and this can be achieved by increasing blood flow in kidney and repairing injured glomerular filtration membrane. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the treatment that can help us realize this goal. It is a totally different treatment as herbs are externally used in this treatment. It can help to improve GFR as effective ingredients in micro-Chinese medicines are proven to be able to expand blood vessels and activate injured kidney intrinsic cells. For kidney failure patients, as long as GFR is improved, much more wastes will be timely removed from the blood. Consequently, they can live a longer and higher quality life.

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