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Prognosis and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy is every patient who gets chronic kidney failure worry about. Information on nursing care and treatment helps to improve prognosis.

Life Expectancy for Kidney Failure with no Urine Output

What is the life expectancy for kidney failure if there is no urine output? We have to say that urine output is a symbol of hope to a certain degree. But nothin...Read More

How Long Do You Live After Stopping Dialysis

How long do you have to live after immediately stopping dialysis? Dialysis is life-supportive, but extremely torturous, so many kidney failure patients have the...Read More

Can We Die With Impaired Kidney And GFR 24

GFR is always measured to learn how well the kidney work and how serious the kidney damages are. GFR 24 is a very low level, as normal GFR is claimed to range b...Read More

Life Expectancy with 95% Kidney Failure

What is the life expectancy for people with 95% kidney failure? Kidney is an organ that serves us in many ways. Kidney function decreases gradually as more and ...Read More

Can A Failed Kidney Go Back To Normal

Can a failed kidney go back to normal? Chronic Kidney Failure is a progressive kidney problem, and needs patients to start dialysis or kidney transplant when de...Read More

Connection Between Hyperprolactinemia And Chronic Renal Failure

What is the connection between hyperprolactinemia and chronic renal failure? Here we will give explanation about this topic. What is hyperprolactinemia? Hyperpr...Read More

Life Expectancy with 20% Kidney Function

My mother just found out she has 20% kidney function and is diabetic. What is the life expectancy? This question comes from Jim who is one of my foreign friends...Read More

How Does Kidney Failure Affect Sex

Kidney failure is the most severe stage of kidney problem and affects patients sex differently. In mild cases, they may just feel lack of interest; but in serio...Read More

Consequences Of The Uremia That Accompanies Renal Failure

Uremia is not a independent disease, but a clinical syndrome that can occur in all the renal failure patients. For people with uremia, more than 90% of their ki...Read More

Can I Have Sex With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a problem on kidney, but it can involve many other body systems and affect patients life in different ways. Sexual intercourse plays a crucial...Read More

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