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Prognosis and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy is every patient who gets chronic kidney failure worry about. Information on nursing care and treatment helps to improve prognosis.

Prognosis for Diabetic Nephropathy with High Creatinine Level

Diabetic nephropathy is the chronic disease, at the early stage of the diabetic nephropathy, although the glomerulus has been injured, there is not clinic sympt...Read More

What Can Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients Do for A Good Prognosis

When patients step into Stage 5 Kidney failure, the end stage renal disease, due to the serious kidney function decline, they usually suffer more, threatening t...Read More

How to Improve Kidney Failure Prognosis without Dialysis

The prognosis of stage 4 kidney failure is bad, because of the long term of course of disease. However, the prognosis of stage 4 kidney failure various from per...Read More

Kidney Size 7.7cm: Can it Recover

How much do you know about kidneys? And how can various kidney diseases affect kidney size? Here we will take kidney size 7.7cm for an example to help you learn...Read More

Do I Need Dialysis If My Kidney Function 15%

Do people with kidney function 15% need dialysis? When to begin dialysis treatment can be a common questions to most kidney disease patients. When condition dev...Read More

Can You Live A Long Life with Mild Kidney Dysfunction

It can be a long process to treat chronic kidney disease. And if a proper treatment can not be used, the condition will gradually develop kidney failure with th...Read More

Life Expectancy for Stop Peeing in Kidney Failure

Stop peeing will happen to kidney failure patients when nearly all of the kidney functions have been lost. Patients must be very worried once they can not produ...Read More

Can Stage 3 Kidney Failure Prognosis Be Good

When condition develops stage 3 kidney failure, it means moderate kidney function has been lost. With more and more symptoms and complications appearing, many p...Read More

Improve Stage 4 Kidney Failure Prognosis with Chinese Medicine Therapy

As the second advanced stage of kidney disease, stage 4 kidney failure is usually treated with dialysis in many countries. In that case, how about the prognosis...Read More

Improve Stage 5 Kidney Disease Life Expectancy with Dialysis by Chinese Medicine Therapy

What is the stage 5 kidney disease life expectancy with dialysis? It is such a common question cared about by most kidney disease patients. It is true that most...Read More

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