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Prognosis and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy is every patient who gets chronic kidney failure worry about. Information on nursing care and treatment helps to improve prognosis.

Prognosis of ESRD without Dialysis

How about the prognosis of ESRD? ESRD is the last stage of chronic kidney disease, but not all ESRD patients have to experience dialysis treatment or receive a kidney transplant. A good prognosis of ESRD without dialysis means the GFR level...Read More

20% Kidney Function Prognosis: without Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

How about the 20% kidney function prognosis? For most patients, they have to face with the continue loss in kidney function and finally take dialysis treatment or receive kidney transplant. To you, the result may be different. 20% kidney fu...Read More

8% Kidney Function Prognosis

How about the 8% kidney function prognosis? Though 8% kidney function tells the condition is severe, it does not mean patients can not expect a normal life without dialysis and kidney transplant. As a kidney disease patient, if you have not...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Lead to Death

Can kidney failure lead to death? It is a common topic cared about by more and more patients. Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure know that their conditions have already become severe. We can not exactly feel those feelings the symptoms or...Read More

17% Kidney Function Prognosis

If only 17% kidney function is left, what will the prognosis of condition be? It is a fact that no one kidney disease patient wants to experience dialysis or receive a kidney transplant. However, can patients with 17% kidney function still...Read More

Can People Have Sex with Kidney Failure

Sexual life is an important part of peoples normal life. However, once people are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure, will the sexual life be affected? Can people have sex with kidney failure? Follow us to find the answers. Will sexual l...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients Live well with 7% Kidney Function

Chronic Kidney Failure patients are worried to see the continue reduction in their kidney functions. Then can kidney failure patients live well with 7% kidney function? Follow us to find the answer. 7% kidney function can tell us the condit...Read More

If Kidneys Are Functioning Less than 10%, How Long Can Patients Live

No one can tell the exact feelings of kidney disease patients. But the fact is that every patient wants to live longer, and they are always trying their best to achieve this. If kidney are functioning less than 10%, how long can patients li...Read More

Life Expectancy of A Person in Complete Renal Failure

Compete renal failure is also known as End Stage Renal Disease. It means the condition is already in the last and the most stage of chronic kidney disease. Then what is the life expectancy of a person in compete renal failure? There is no a...Read More

Kidneys Are Only Functioning at 20%: What Should You Know

What does it mean when your kidneys are only functioning at 20%? If your condition is in such a stage, follow us to see what information you should know. The condition is severe Kidneys functioning at 20% can tell the condition is already i...Read More

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