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Proteinuria (foams in urine) is typical symptom of kidney failure and main factor affecting its prognosis. It is closely related to the glomerular barrier function.

What Kinds Of Diet And Treatments Help Treat Proteinuria In Radically

Generally speaking, Chronic nephritis has mild kidney damage, and only proteinuria, occult blood and other symptoms. This stage of treatment is relatively easy. Chronic nephritis is usually treated with western medicine. Albuminuria and occu...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicines Fundamentally Relieving Intractable Albuminuria

It is common to see kidney disease patients are in intractable albuminuria, which is difficult to treated with western medicines. More and more patients are searching that whether chinese herbal medicines relieve intractable albuminuria or n...Read More

Is Foamy Urine in Nephritis Curable and How

“Is foamy urine in nephritis curable and how?” If you have the similar query, welcome to chat with our Online Doctor for suggestions in free or read the full article to harvest the details...Read More

Protein in Urine 0.82 Should We Take Steroids

Protein in urine 0.82 whereas the standard range 0.15 refers to a medical condition in which the kidneys can not preserve the protein in the blood owing to various of reasons. For treating this, should we take steroids? What is steroids? Ge...Read More

Some Tips to Intractable Protein Leakage for Kidney Failure Patients

Protein leakage is very similar in kidney failure, and it is hard to get rid of the protein leakage completely. This, in turn, would worsen the kidney conditions. For protecting the kidneys better, here the article will give some tips to in...Read More

Protein Leakage in IgA Nephropathy What to Do

The characteristic symptom of IgA nephropathy is hematuria, while protein in urine appears in some cases. After the condition is controlled with steroids or immunosuppressors, the protein leakage will exist, but not always. Hence, what to d...Read More

Weakness and Foamy Urine Is It Kidney Problem

Foamy urine is very common among the kidney disease patients. But, if weakness and foamy urine appears, is it kidney problem? Generally speaking, weakness and foamy urine will come out in many conditions, so that, they can not be an indicat...Read More

Which Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Helpful for Reducing Large Protein Leakage

It is no strange that the protein leakage will come out with cold, infection, or even seasonal variation in kidney problem. Sometimes, the common treatments do not play a good role in dispelling this phenomenon...Read More

How Can Protein in Urine Cure with Chinese Herbal Treatment

Sir my husband is suffering with protein loss in urine. He has 24hr urine protein 8.75g/day and serum creatinine 3.3mg/day. How can it cure? What is the efficacy of your Chinese herbal treatment?...Read More

How to Reduce Protein in Urine in IgA Nephropathy

Protein in urine (Proteinuria), one of common symptoms of IgA Nephropathy, relapses easily if patients don’t find out effective way. How to effectively reduce protein in urine in IgA Nephropathy? The experts of Beijing Tongshantang Hospita...Read More