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Why People Have Bubbles in Urine

2013-09-27 17:44

Kidney disease hospital experts say that in hospital, many patients see the doctor because they find bubbles in their urine. However, most of them don’t know how this phenomenon happens. Then the following papers may tell why you have bubbles in urine.

Generally speaking, if the bubbles are bigger or have different sizes and short in duration, this is because the urine contains some organic matters (glucose) and inorganic materials (mineral salts) which make urine tension becoming stronger, so this phenomenon belongs to normal bubbles. This kind of bubbles doesn’t always show the problem of your body and you needn’t to be nervous. But if the bubble is big and disappears quickly, in this case, you must alert whether it is glycosuria.

If there are tiny bubbles floating on the surface of urine and always exist, it is likely to be proteinuria. The early stage of nephritis is proteinuria appearing in the urine. If this condition fails to get effective treatment actively, renal insufficiency will appear in five years and finally, nephritis will develop into uremia.

Of course, if bubble urine appears together with symptoms like frequent micturition, urgent urination, odynuria, swelling, high blood pressure, polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and thirsty, you must to check your body in the regular kidney disease hospital and take effective treatment.

It is sure that you know more about why people have bubbles in urine. However, at present, most kidney disease hospitals only adopt western medicine or Chinese medicine which cannot treat proteinuria from the root. As long as nidus still exists, relapse and exacerbation is just a matter of time. So to the treatment of proteinuria, experts suggest using the combination of Chinese and western kidney disease treatment. There, we want to recommend a method called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which not only can treat proteinuria from the root, but also don’t have any side effects, you needn’t worry about this therapy. You only need to lie on the bed and you will feel the recovery of kidney slowly. If you are interested in this traditional therapy, please leave your message below or email us to, we look forward to you asking.

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