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Chinese Herbs For Protein In The Urine

2013-10-23 16:40

Chinese Herbs For Protein In The UrineIn clinic, protein in the urine or proteinuria always as an obvious indicator to the damaged kidney and decreased glomerular filtration. However, western medicines in treating protein in the urine lead to a variety of side effects commonly, so recently, many patients consult us the Chinese herbs for protein in the urine. Then, let’s learn following knowledge together.

In china, Chinese herbs to treat protein in the urine have a long history and have achieved significant progress without less side effects. By the way, if you are eager to know some information about Chinese herbs for protein in the urine, please chat with our online doctors when a dialog box popping up in the lower right corner of your screen. Of course, it is not a robot as many people originally thought. Then our experts will reply you as soon as possible.

The following introduces some main Chinese herbs for protein in the urine, which may help you greatly.

1. Leech

Clinical analysis showed that protein in the urine has a close relation with deposition of FRA in the glomerular and leech plays an important role in decreasing the deposition of FRA, thus relieve the protein in the urine.

2. Periostracum Cicada

In clinic, patients with chronic nephritis always have protein in the urine and with the aggravation of illness condition, protein in the urine will increase as well. On this occasion, periostracum cicada can help patients to treat protein in the urine effectively.

In addition, other commonly used Chinese herbs in the treatment of protein in the urine include eupolyphaga, scorpion, centipede, agkistrodon, pangolin , etc.

Finally, we suggest patients with protein in the urine should see the doctor as soon as possible, only in this way, can they catch the best opportunity to treat their diseases to a large degree.

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