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How to Reduce Protein in Urine Naturally

2013-12-23 23:15

Protein in urine can be a common symptom of kidney disease. How about the protein in urine control can directly affect the prognosis of the condition. It may not be treated easily for some cases or patients experience the relapse of protein in urine. Then how to reduce it naturally and effectively?

Many factors are likely to cause the protein in urine. Of course here we will talk about the glomerular damage. In many countries, some certain medications like ACEI, ARBs and immunosuppressive agents are commonly used to control proteinuria. However, if the root cause can not be dealt with, the proteinuria will not be eliminated effectively. What is more, some FSGS patients may find there still has lots of protein in urine though taking the medications regularly, and we call these cases resistant type. In that case, the risk for Chronic Kidney Failure will be increased. If you are not satisfied with your current treatment or experience the relapses of condition, Chinese therapy can become your another treatment option.

Chinese therapies we will introduce here consist of circle therapy, hot compress therapy, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicines, herbal feet bath, herbal enema, herbal acupuncture and moxibustion. Firstly, kidney disease patients do not need to worry about the side effects. All these Chinese therapies have a intercommunity and that is cleansing blood by drawing out toxins and wastes. Meanwhile, they play their own special functions to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. For instance, hot compress therapy aims at repairing kidney damage through extending blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, relieving ischemic and anoxic state in kidneys, promoting DNA replication and providing nutrition for damaged kidneys; oral herbal medicines are used to enhance immunity, feet bath and acupuncture and moxibustion are expected to adjust immune system, support qi and nourish the blood.

With the recovery of kidney function, the protein in urine can be reduced naturally. If you want to know more about Chinese therapies, feel free to leave us a message, we are here to help you.

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