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Does Foamy Urine Indicates Renal Failure

2013-01-29 16:10

foamy urineSometimes when we pass urine, there might be abnormally more foams in urine. Someone just ignore it, while some others might think it is a severe conditions. Different people have different understandings of foamy urine. For those that have kidney disease, they are very concerned about foams in urine because it is one typical symptom of kidney problem and is also one independent factor for worsening renal functions if not treated well or timely.

Of cause foamy urine is not definitely related to kidney failure, to exam the exact cause of foamy urine, routine urine test should be done to check urine protein qualitative, 24-h urinary protein quantitative or even urinary protein electrophoresis, etc.

Before taking these tests, you can have a preliminary distinction of the urine by yourself.

·If the foams are large or the sizes are not uniform and it lasts for just short time, this foamy urine is normal and it is due to organic and inorganic substances in urine such as glucose and mineral salts.

·If the foams are large and disappear soon, it might indicates sugar in urine.

·If the foams are fine and do not disappear after long time, it might be proteinuria. In such case, urinary protein quantitative and urinary protein electrophoresis are necessary.

Besides foamy urine, if patients have urinary urgency, urinary frequency, urinary pain or edema, high blood pressure or drinking a lot, urinate a lot, eating a lot, it is recommended that patients to go to local kidney disease hospitals to have early diagnosis and receive timely and proper treatments.

Foamy urine is very common among kidney failure patients and it is caused by excessive leak of proteins in urine due to damaged glomerular filtration membrane and in some cases the renal tubules. It can be an independent symptom or it can co-exist with other symptoms as have been mentioned above.

However when foams in urine reduce, it does not definitely mean improvement of illness conditions. Reduced foams in urine can also be caused by further worsening of kidney functions when most glomeruli have been scarred and less proteins can be filtered. The severity of kidney problems need to take into account of both the amount and duration of proteinuria.

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