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Chinese Therapy for Proteinuria in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-01-31 16:15

Speaking of the therapy for proteinuria in stage 4 kidney failure, Chinese therapy may be one of your choice. Pathological studies of modern medicine have proved that Chinese therapy is a safe, reliable, nontoxic and convenient therapy. Are you interested in Chinese therapy? If so, let’s learn some knowledge about this therapy detailedly.

You can imagine this situation: There has two bags filled with Chinese herbal in a bed, and then patients lie in two bags with renal area. Meanwhile, they can do something interesting, such as listening music, watching a movie, chanting with their families and so on. Yes! This is the Chinese therapy! You can treat proteinuria in Stage 4 kidney failure by Chinese therapy without taking bitter drugs or suffering from the pains due to doing surgery.

Chinese therapy acts on the kidney by Chinese herbal medicines and principle of physics to treat proteinuria in Stage 4 kidney failure. And Chinese herbal medicines can activate blood and dissolve stasis. Besides, it also can remove the immune complexes depositing on the glomerular artery wall to restore the normal physiological function of glomerular. With the recovery of functions of glomerular filtration, protein will be naturally stopped leaking.

The recovery of renal function can help us to rebuild the environment of kidney and improve renal function. Consequently, proteinuria will reduced naturally. What’s more, proteinuria in Stage 4 kidney failure is not easy to relapse. And the patients have no any uncomfortable feelings in Chinese therapy.

Certainly, a large majority of patients adopt western medicine hormone to treat proteinuria in Stage 4 kidney failure. By this therapy, proteinuria will decrease in a certain time. While, proteinuria will increase back and forth without continually using western medicine hormone. By oral medicine, on one hand, the medicine can cause some side effects on the kidney; on the other hand, a part of effects of medicine will be lost during the period of medicine entering into the enteric canal.

Through the above information, you must have a preliminary understanding of Chinese therapy for proteinuria in stage 4 kidney failure. If you want to know more details about Chinese therapy including its cure rate, you can leave us a message below or email to, then our experts will reply you with answers you want within 48 hours.

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