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Kidney Failure: How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally

2012-12-08 09:37

Kidney failure patients are mostly prescribed with steroid medicines to control proteinuria, a essential symptom of kidney failure. These medicines contain large amounts of chemical constituent which are very harmful to our body. Therefore, these medicines can not be taken as a long-term solution. Well then, how to reduce proteinuria naturally? Is there any alternative treatment for kidney failure patients?

Proteinuria literally means there are protein in urine. Normally, no protein or only a little protein can be detected out in our urine, so the test report usually show a negative sign. However, when one's kidneys are failed, protein leak into urine and therefore forming proteinuria. There are different types of protein in our body like albumin, fibrous protein, globular protein and so on. With different kidney damages, different kinds of protein leak into urine, so through detecting the type and amount of protein in urine, we can know clearly about the exact location of kidney damages as well as the severity of kidney damages.

Our kidney works as a filter as there are glomerular filtration membranes in it. Glomerular filtration membrane is composed of large a number of blood capillary and normally it only allows small substances to pass through. However, once this membrane is damaged, filtration function decreases and consequently, much more protein leak out. At present, many medicines show quick and obvious treatment effects in stopping protein from leaking into urine, so they are adopted to help kidney failure patents reduce protein in urine. However, as they can not repair damaged filtration membrane, they can not stop proteinuria fundamentally. In general, proteinuria relapses once patients reduce the dose or stop taking medicines. Every relapse of proteinuria will worsen kidney condition and push patients closer to dialysis or kidney transplant.

Since many medicines used to control proteinuria have side effects, they can not be used as a long-term solution. Immunotherapy is a combination of western medicines and estern medicines and has been proven to be effective in repairing kidney damages. We know protein leak into urine as glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, so as long as filtration membrane is repaired, filtration recovers and consequently, less protein leaks.

Western medicines and estern medicines treat kidney problem in different ways, so in Immunotherapy, they are applied to achieve different purpose. Through combining the advantageous of western medicines and estern medicines, proteinuria caused by kidney failure can be controlled more effectively and fundamentally.

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