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Low Grade Fever and Protein in Urine in Nephritis

2015-03-01 15:58

Low Grade Fever and Protein in Urine in NephritisBefore knowing the they are attacked by nephritis, people maybe suffer the persistent low grade fever. Through a urine test, they would found that there are protein in their urine. Then what casue the fever and protein urine? What is the relationship between them and what can nephritis patients can do to treat their disease?

Nephritis can be caused by many reasons such as infections, allergies, empyrosis and so on. With the virus invasion and the immune system disorder, as a sign of resistance of human body, patients would suffer fever, the low grade fever is commonly seen. In addition, the blood component and circulation condition also can be influenced, when the kidney suffer the insufficient blood supply, the ultra immune responses in kidneys would occur due to the polluted blood, damaging the renal cells. With the lose of filtration and barrier functions, the protein would be released out with the urine.

The low fever can stimulate the activity of protein, which also is one reason why nephritis patients with low grade fever suffer the serious protein urine. With the protein losing, patients would suffer the hypoproteinemia, accompanied with symptoms such as edema, low immunity and so on. And the releasing of protein can accumulate the kidney fibrosis process. So prevention and control the fever and protein urine both are important for nephritis patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best choice for nephritis patients. The active substances in medicine can expend blood vessels, promote blood circulation and clean the toxins in blood, with the healthy and smooth blood circulation in kidneys, the ultra immune responses in kidney can be stopped and the protein urine can be reduced from root. In addition, in the daily life, patients should keep the healthy lifestyle to prevent the happen of fever.

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