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How to Manage Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-04-18 17:58

Effective management of proteinuria slows down progression of Chronic Kidney Failure and helps to improve prognosis. However, many Chronic Kidney Failure patients know nothing about how to mange proteinuria.

Proteinuria accelerates Chronic Kidney Failure

Proteinuria is an abnormal illness condition in which excess protein leak into urine. Kidneys are in charge of filtering blood, during which wastes are discharged and nutrition are preserved. Kidneys perform filtration function through glomerular filtration membrane; however,when this membrane is damaged, excess protein will leak into urine and form proteinuria.

Proteinuria is just one of the symptoms of kidney damages. However, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, if proteinuria is not controlled effectively and timely, more and more protein will leak out and kidney damages will become more and more serious. Therefore, although proteinuria occurs because of damaged glomerular filtration membrane, in turn it accelerates illness progression.

How to manage proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure?

To receive obvious treatment effects in treating proteinuria caused by Chronic Kidney Failure, both diet change and medical treatment are necessary.

Diet: High protein intake will increase kidney burden thus cause new kidney damages, so it is necessary for Chronic Kidney Failure patients to limit protein intake. However, considering protein is a must for our body, patients can ingest some high quality protein which can meet our physical demand and meanwhile produce less wastes. In our daily life, high quality protein can be found in lean meat, fish, egg white and milk.

Treatment: In Chronic Kidney Failure, protein leak into urine because glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, so repairing damaged filtration membrane with medicines like Chinese medicines is essential. As long as kidney damages are repaired, protein stops leaking and proteinuria is brought under control effectively.

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