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How Can Protein in Urine Cure with Chinese Herbal Treatment

2018-01-25 11:46

How Can Protein in Urine Cure with Chinese Herbal Treatment“Sir my husband is suffering with protein loss in urine. He has 24hr urine protein 8.75g/day and serum creatinine 3.3mg/day. How can it cure? What is the efficacy of your Chinese herbal treatment?”

Honestly speaking, in the early stage of kidney disease, the symptoms of protein loss in urine, blood urine, and swelling can be reversed and treated from the root. However, if the Chronic Kidney Disease deteriorates to the advanced stage, it is difficult to cure it. Do you know the reason?

Why patients often suffer proteinurine again and again?

Most patients will be suggested to take some steroids to control their proteinuria, edema, or any other symptoms, but for the pathogenesis of disease, they have no idea, also including their doctor. Once patients stop or reduce the drugs, their condition will be relapse again. After repeated several times, the patient’s renal function will continue to decline, causing deterioration of kidney disease.

As a result, due to wrong treatment, most patients lose the best treatment time and cannot radically reverse the condition and eventually worsen the disease.

How can protein in urine cure with herbal treatment?

In most cases, protein in urine indicates kidney damage. When kidneys are damaged severely, impaired kidneys will cause protein to leak from the body to urine. Too much protein in urine can result in foamy urine.

The treatment should be able to not only deal with proteinuria but also treat the underlying conditions. Differed from steroid treatment, Chinese herbal treatment focuses on removing pathogenic factors and repairing damaged kidney cells, through dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. As kidneys recover to work relatively normally, proteinuria will be eased from the root. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy does work.

In conclusion, proper and early treatment is very essential to reverse proteinuria. If you want to change your current medicine, please email your present medical reports and phone number to or leave a message below or click Online Doctor for free guidance.

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