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Protein Leakage in IgA Nephropathy What to Do

2018-03-25 15:08

Protein Leakage in IgA Nephropathy What to DoThe characteristic symptom of IgA nephropathy is hematuria, while protein in urine appears in some cases. After the condition is controlled with steroids or immunosuppressors, the protein leakage will exist, but not always. Hence, what to do for protein leakage in IgA nephropathy?

What is the process of the protein leakage?

The healthy kidneys can filter the blood in the nephrons including glomerular and kidney tubule. Firstly, let’s talk abot the glomerular. Many substances like water, glucose, salt and others can be excreted from the blood through several ostioles in the stratums of the glomerular, while some helpful things like protein and red blood cells are preserved in the body. Later, some necessary things will be taken back to the blood in the kidney tubule. Finally, urine will be stockpiled in the bladder. So that, the extra protein in urine means the problem in the whole filter course (or also kidney problem).

What is more, with long time protein leakage, the mechanical barrier will be worse, that is to say, the kidney conditions will be severer. Therefore, timely treatments are needed as long as the patients do not want to face the transplant or dialysis.

However, which treatment should we take?

Detoxification Therapy is a good option for the patients to get rid of the protein leakage. During the whole treatment, Immunotherapy can be adopted for adjusting the immunity in order to avoiding cold or infection, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are used to recover the diseased kidneys, Steaming Therapy is aimed at driving out the toxins, etc. Also, the patients insist the healthy meals and life styles for a better treatment results.

When the kidneys are restored, the protein leakage can be controlled and the protein urine will be kept in negative, meanwhile the patients can return to an ordinary life.

If you have any puzzles about the treatments to protein leakage in IgA nephropathy, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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