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Protein in Urine 0.82 Should We Take Steroids

2018-04-13 15:58

Protein in Urine 0.82 Should We Take SteroidsProtein in urine 0.82 whereas the standard range 0.15 refers to a medical condition in which the kidneys can not preserve the protein in the blood owing to various of reasons. For treating this, should we take steroids?

What is steroids?

Generally speaking, steroids is used for inhibiting the inflammatory responses in kidneys. However, steroids will be adopted unless the protein in urine is more than 1 g / 24 h due to its serious side effects like low immunity, hormonal imbalance, endocrine disorder and others. Usually, the patients with protein in urine 0.82 will take the ACEI or ARB. But these treatments can not prevent the proteinuria from coming back any more.

And thus, if the patients do not have any discomforts, is it necessary to cure protein in urine?

Of course. Although it is hard to remedy protein in urine, the patients must make it under the control as soon as possible. Commonly, the patients with protein urine for years got into the uremia without any other symptoms.

While, how to treat protein in urine?

The key to treat the protein in urine is to repair the diseased kidneys and recover the normal structure and function of glomerular.

In order to harvest this goal, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine fathered Toxin-Removing Therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine. Compared with steroids, Toxin-Removing Therapy focuses on adjusting the balance of inner surrounding and resuming the diseased kidneys with less side effects. Also, it can dispel the inflammations, promote the blood circulation and solve the proteinuria radically.

As long as the kidneys are renovated, the protein in urine 0.82 will be less than 0.15, that is to say, the protein in urine are vanished, also, the patients can return to the normal life.

If you want to gain more information about the treatments to protein in urine, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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