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Is Foamy Urine in Nephritis Curable and How

2018-04-19 14:20

“Is foamy urine in nephritis curable and how?” If you have the similar query, welcome to chat with our Online Doctor for suggestions in free or read the full article to harvest the details.

For nephritis patients, the long time existed bubbles in urine (foamy urine) is considered as proteinuria. The patients would better to take urinalysis to see is there excessive protein in urine. If yes, please take the 24 hour urine quantification test to confirm whether it is caused by nephritis.

Here I will introduce the measures to control the proteinuria in nephritis.

Nephritis can be divided into two types, that is acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. And the treatments for foamy urine in these two nephritis will have some differences.

Acute nephritis: Glucocorticoids and the renal toxic medicines should be forbidden. Provided there are infection in respiratory tract, urinary channel, skin or other places, take antibiotics without nephrotoxic. Diuretics, hypertensive drugs and other medications will be adopted for controlling symptoms. If necessary, dialysis can be done. Usually, the renal function can be recovered after several times dialysis. Furthermore, the dietary control is necessary.

Chronic nephritis: I prefer Chinese herbal medicine which is able to prevent and treat the patients from root causes rather than the conventional medical treatment since these medicine can not entirely cease the kidney damage. For the nephritis patients with foamy urine, the problem is the diseased kidneys. Hence, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and so on will work together to help the patients to get well. As a matter of fact, as long as the inflammatory reaction is stopped in kidneys, the kidney will begin to renovate in a salutary surrounding, the foamy urine will also be negative and does not reoccur easily. As a result, the patients can get back to the relatively ordinary life

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