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Do Proteinuria In Negative Mean Cured Of Kidney Failure

2019-02-21 09:45

Proteinuria In Negative,Kidney Failure,ProteinuriaKidney Failure is a headache because of its long course, difficult treatment and easy to repeat. Moreover, if not timely and regular treatment, it is easy to develop End Stage Renal Disease.

For the treatment of nephropathy, what aspects should we start with? What is a scientific and reasonable concept of treatment?

The so-called kidney disease is actually the loss of renal function caused by renal cell injury. Therefore, the fundamental purpose of nephropathy treatment is to prevent the necrosis of renal cells and the loss of renal function. If conditions permit, we should try our best to restore renal function.

We know that necrotic kidney cells can not be resurrected, but there are some kidney cells that have stopped working and are not necrotic, but in a "pseudo-death" state. As long as these cells are "activated", some of the kidney function can be restored.

All treatments should be based on this in order to achieve real results.

1. Treatment of nephropathy

Usually, proteinuria and occult blood are the most common symptoms of nephropathy, which is due to glomerular damage, resulting in protein and red blood cells discharged with urine. It is a relatively common standard of response to glomerular filtration rate. The same standard is cystatin C.

Many patients, even some doctors, believe that the treatment of nephropathy is to turn protein and occult blood negative, which is the end of the matter. Negative protein and occult blood do not mean that the glomerular filtration rate is completely restored to normal, just as creatinine does not increase, and does not mean that renal function is not impaired.

In the specific treatment process, hormones, immunosuppressive agents and even cytotoxins are often used to treat nephropathy. These medicines have quick effects, but side effects are also great, so doctors need to closely monitor the type and dosage of medicines used in the course of taking them.

At the same time, in recent years, there are many methods of treating nephropathy with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. While using western medicine to quickly alleviate inflammation, it also improves the internal environment of kidney through physical therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy), and improves the comprehensive treatment results of nephropathy.

2. Result of nephrotic treatment

Many patients believe that as long as protein and occult blood turn negative, nephropathy is cured, which is wrong, the degree of nephropathy treatment depends on the degree of recovery of renal function.

The main reason for the recurrence of nephropathy is that it has not been thoroughly treated, or because of re-infection.

Generally speaking, the immune system of patients with nephropathy has been destroyed, which is relatively easy to get sick. Once the symptoms of infection such as colds occur, a large number of immune complexes will suddenly appear in the body, which will cause more serious damage to the kidney. This is the reason why patients with nephropathy should strictly prevent colds. Therefore, nephropathy treatment must be carried out for a long time, and at ordinary times, we should pay great attention to protecting ourselves.

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