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How To Avoid Renal Failure With Proteinuria And Edema

2019-03-01 13:33

Avoid Renal Failure,Proteinuria,EdemaThere was another bubble in the urine. Did it relapse?

I found that my legs were swollen. Did I have a relapse?

After taking hormones for half a year, how come there is no sign of improvement?

These are the daily problems that Kidney Friends encounter. Why is nephropathy prone to recurrence? Nephropathy cannot be cured, which means there is a risk of recurrence. However, the pathological condition, therapeutic effect and personal constitution of each kidney disease patients are different, and the recurrence rate of each friend is also different. Most Kidney Friends can maintain the stability of proteinuria and other indicators, and the progress of renal function is very slow.

However, there are often some misunderstandings in the treatment of relapsed kidney friends, which lead to the deterioration of the condition. In order to protect renal function, the nephropathy treatment taboos, Kidney Friends must pay attention not to commit:

1. Ignorance of immunotherapy leads to frequent infection.

Most patients with nephropathy have low immunity. The main reason is that nephropathy itself leads to poor disease resistance, and long-term use of hormones and immunosuppressants leads to a decline in the ability of regulating immunity in vivo. Low immunity can easily lead to various infections, leading to the invasion of the disease, thus aggravating the damage of renal function.

Many kidney friends neglect the treatment of immunity, resulting in repeated attacks. To improve immunity, on the one hand, in daily life, pay more attention to reasonable diet, ensure nutrition, exercise to improve disease resistance, take drugs on time, reduce the incidence of infection, on the other hand, medication can be used to prevent, such as respiratory tract infection caused by cold, kidney friend can be prevented by vaccination in advance. It can reduce the incidence of infection, avoid the decline of immunity and accelerate the progress of renal function.

Most patients with nephropathy, such as IgA nephropathy, minimal change nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, lupus nephritis and chronic renal insufficiency, should pay attention to improving immunity.

2. Misuse of Unknown Drugs

Even if the same pathological type of nephropathy is in different stages, the treatment plan is not the same. Therefore, kidney disease patients should not be too anxious when they encounter "bottleneck" in their treatment. Some nephrotic diseases have no risk of deterioration as long as they are in a stable stage. For example, nephrotic syndrome is characterized by a large amount of proteinuria. If proteinuria can continue to fall below 1g, the progress of renal function will be slowed down, even if it is not recovered.

Some kidney disease patients are anxious to recover all symptoms. In addition to taking medicines prescribed by doctors, they also look for some "partial prescriptions" to take, especially unknown pharmacological prescriptions, which also increase the risk of aggravation. Kidney disease patients are not advised to take some so-called "tonics" and "health care products" in addition to doctor's advice. After kidney function is damaged, it is mainly to lighten the burden. Too much will only make the kidney overwhelmed.

3. Lack of attention to prevention and treatment of complications

Proteinuria and creatinine are important indicators reflecting renal function. To some extent, they can judge the quality of nephropathy. Some nephrophiles pay close attention to these two indicators. They know little about other complications, and the treatment is too one-sided. There will be various symptoms in different stages of the progress of nephropathy, including hypertension, edema, anemia, electrolyte disorders and so on, which may threaten the safety of kidney function, and also need to be highly valued.

Although nephropathy treatment is difficult, it can be prevented and controlled. Only kidney disease patients use snacks more. In the course of treatment, two points should be kept in mind:

Communicate with the doctor in time, if recurrence occurs, seek treatment from the doctor in time to minimize the risk. Second, they have confidence in themselves and their condition. Nephropathy is difficult to cure because the function of kidney can not be completely restored to normal, which is also the cause of easy recurrence. Kidney friends should be more patient, try to avoid treatment errors, timely recurrence also need not worry too much, more you and your kidney have more confidence.

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