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Home Remedy For Proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-05-18 10:15

What is the home remedy for proteinuria? Proteinuria is an abnormal medical condition that can be caused by many illnesses and Chronic Kidney Failure is a dominant one. For patients with proteinuria due to kidney problem, effective reducing of protein in urine helps to slow down illness progression. From this point of view, finding an effective way to manage proteinuria means a lot for patients. Here we will introduce the home remedy for proteinuria in Chronic Kidney Failure.

Firstly, found out the proper protein intake for you

Protein plays a crucial part for a healthy body, however for patients with proteinuria caused by Chronic Kidney Failure, improper protein intake will cause bad influence on their illness condition and physical condition. Because of this, founding out how much protein they need to ingest every day becomes extremely important. (Exact protein intake differs from case to case. To know the specific protein intake for you, please consult our consultant online directly)

Secondly, avoid foods that are harmful for your kidney

Since Chronic Kidney Failure is the major cause of proteinuria, protecting residual kidney function will be a must for tight control of proteinuria. In view of this, in daily diet, foods that are harmful for kidney should be avoided. Generally, high-salt foods, high-sodium foods, high-potassium foods and high-phosphorus foods should be avoided.

Thirdly, try some herbs that can help to control proteinuria

Herb is also a part of home remedy for proteinuria. Some herbs like goldenrod, cranberry, bearberry and corn silk have been proven to be good for our kidneys. In Chronic Kidney Failure, affected kidney should be blamed for proteinuria, so when kidney condition is improved with these herbs, proteinuria gets controlled naturally.

Besides, some herbs also show effects in lowering blood pressure which can worsen kidney condition and proteinuria. In this light, herbs that fight against high blood pressure like garlic, ginseng, mistletoe, nutmeg and hyssop are also beneficial for controlling proteinuria.

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