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Herbs For Proteinuria

2013-06-24 09:04

herbs for proteinuriaWhat are the herbs for proteinuria? Proteinuria, just as its name implies, is associated with massive protein in urine (more than 150mg/24h) and it is one of the dominant symptoms of kidney failure. Many medicines like hypotensive drugs can be used in clinic to help kidney failure patients to alleviate proteinuria. However, many of them can cause side effects if used for a long time. For this reason, many kidney failure patients put their hopes on herbs which grow naturally and contain no chemical component. Well, what are the herbs for proteinuria?

What are the herbs for proteinuria? Here we will give an introduction about several herbs that can be used to help kidney failure patients treat proteinuria. If there is anything unclear, please feel free to consult our consultant online or email to directly.


Cistanche is a worldwide genus of holoparasitic desert plants in the family orobanchaceae. It is helpful for kidney failure patients to reduce their protein in urine and this herb works by toning up the tissue and muscle that support the kidney. In this way, complications like incontinence and other muscular complications can be alleviated effectively. This can reduce kidney burden and reduce the amount of damaged and protein excretion in urine.

Couch Grass

Couth grass is another her that can be used to treat kidney disease. The mucilage extracted from this herb can help to sooth the inflamed and irritated urinary tract. Aside from this, couth grass can also help to increase urine output through osmotic process and this will be remit illness condition and thus reduce protein in urine.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries is a very beneficial herb for kidney failure patients. It helps in stimulating and destroying bacteria present in the kidney, bladder and bile ducts which can worsen kidney condition and thus increase protein in urine.

Micro-Chinese medicine

Micro-Chinese medicine actually is not an independent herb, but a combination of several Chinese herbs. Effective ingredients in these herbs can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and thus improve kidney function. For kidney failure patients, protein leak into as kidney function is impaired, so as long as kidney function gets improved, proteinuria is alleviated effectively.

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