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Proteinuria (foams in urine) is typical symptom of kidney failure and main factor affecting its prognosis. It is closely related to the glomerular barrier function.

Is There A Cure to Help Patients with Intractable Proteinuria Get Better

Intractable proteinuria means that protein occurs in patients urine over and over again and there is no effective treatment to deal with it. As a result, patients are eager to know is there a cure to help patients with intractable proteinur...Read More

How Can I Treat Lose of Protein in Urination Over and Over Again

Loss of protein in urination is commonly seen in kidney failure patients, and it is a indication of decreasing kidney function. Besides, if protein in urination relapses over and over again, therefore, patients are wondering that how can th...Read More

The Best Hospital to Treat Intractable Proteinuria with Diabetes

Proteinuria is a early and common sign of diabetes. Although proteinuria does not make any pain to patients, it indicates that there is severe damage with your current kidney function. In western medical filed, they may have no effective tr...Read More

What Can be Done Naturally to Eliminate Protein in Urine

Protein in urine is a common sign for kidney failure patients and it is difficult to be treated. The common treatment is steroid treatment, which makes patients experience a lot of adverse effects. Therefore, patients are eager to know what...Read More

How Can Chinese Medicine Treat Proteinuria with Diabetic Nephropathy

Proteinuria problem is commonly seen in patients with Diabetes Nephropathy. Proteinura refers to there is severe problem with your kidney function. Since steroids treatment can not deal with proteinuia fundamentally, more and more patients...Read More

Is There Any Natural Medicines for Proteinuria with FSGS

Proteinuria is commonly experienced in kidney disease patients, especially for FSGS patients. Since steroids treatment can not reduce proteinuria fundamentally, more and more patients are eager to know that is there any natural medicines for...Read More

What Natural Treatment Work Best to Treat Protienuria

Proteinuria is a very common symptom of kidney disease. Although proteinuria does not make any pains to patients, it indicates that there is severe decline with your kidney function. What natural treatment work best to proteinuria? Please s...Read More

Can Chinese Medicine Reduce Proteinuria with Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Stage 3 kidney failure is the key stage of renal disease, which makes patients experience lots of poisoning symptoms, proteinuria is the most common ones. As long as you begin to experience proteinuria, your life quality and life expectancy...Read More

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helpful in Reliving Proteinuria

Proteinuria is the major symptom of chronic kidney disease. Besides, it is difficult to be treated well. Because of that, patients are wondering that is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helpful in reliving proteinuria. Nowadays, as Micro-...Read More

Is Bubbles in Urine a Sign of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a progressive kidney disease, which makes patients experience various adverse effects which decrease their life quality seriously. While, is bubbles in urine a sign of kidney failure ? Although bubbles in urine does not ma...Read More