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Proteinuria (foams in urine) is typical symptom of kidney failure and main factor affecting its prognosis. It is closely related to the glomerular barrier function.

The Natural Treatment for Bubbles in Urine with Kidney Failure

There are all of patients with kidney failure living with bubbles in urine. Bubbles in urine is not a disease, it is commonly caused by most of diseases. To some extent, it may indicate serious underlying problems with your kidney. What is...Read More

What is the Effective Treatment for Foamy Urine with Kidney foamy urine

Foamy urine is a medication term which is used to measure how well your kidney function are working. It is normal that there are several bubbles in your urine, while, if your are experiencing foamy urine persistently, there is something wro...Read More

What is the Best Herbal Treatments for Protein in Urine

Since the western medical treatments can not control protein in urine effectively, more and more patients are seeking for herbal treatments to control protein in urine. This article will introduce you the details about the best herbal treat...Read More

Natural Ways to Cure Proteinuria

Proteinuria seems the most common sign of kidney disease. Although it does not make patients experience any pains, it may indicate severe problems with your kidney function. Therefore, patients may be wondering what are the natural ways to...Read More

How to Treat Proteinuria with Nephrotic Syndrome

Proteins act a important role in our daily diet. They are the building blocks for all body parts, including muscles, bones, hair, and nails. Proteins in the blood also perform a number of important functions. They protect the body from infe...Read More

Best Herb Treatment For Protein in Urine

Protein in urine is a very common symptom in patients with kidney failure. Protein in urine refers to that the kidney can not do the work that they should do. This article will introduce you what are the best herb treatment for protein in u...Read More

What Does Foamy Urine Mean for CKD Patients

In general, almost all of patients with kidney disease are living with kidney disease. What does foamy urine mean for kidney disease patients? Maybe, most of patients do not understand this question, as a result, they even do not know how t...Read More

How Much Protein in Urine Mean Kidney Disease Problem

Most of patients may know that protein in urine means there is something working with the normal kidney function. While, protein in urine dose not always mean kidney disease problem. And then, how much protein in urine mean kidney disease p...Read More

Can Proteinuria be Cured

Almost all of patients will experience proteinuria. Although proteinuria does not make patients experience any discomforts, it indicates underlying problems. It is important that patients should receive treatment as soon as possible. Before...Read More

The Best Herbs to Reduce Protein in Urine

In clinically, protein in urine is always a early symptom of kidney failure. If patients suffer from proteinuria persistently, it may indicate that there is severe damage on patients function. Therefore, what is the best herbs to reduce pro...Read More