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Proteinuria (foams in urine) is typical symptom of kidney failure and main factor affecting its prognosis. It is closely related to the glomerular barrier function.

Causes of Foamy Urine

In our daily life, foamy urine is seen commonly after urination and many people are very worried about this symptom and consult us causes of foamy urine over and over again. From what we know, foamy urine need not necessarily indicate somet...Read More

Why People Have Bubbles in Urine

Kidney disease hospital experts say that in hospital, many patients see the doctor because they find bubbles in their urine. However, most of them dont know how this phenomenon happens. Then the following papers may tell why you have bubble...Read More

What does Proteinuria Mean

There are times when bubbles in urine are indicative of medical disorders such as kidney disease or urinary tract infections. But what does proteinuria mean? Proteinuria, or protein in the urine, can result in bubbles in urine that gives of...Read More

Chinese Herbs to Control Protein in Urine (Proteinuria)

Protein in urine (proteinuria) can be a common symptom of kidney disease if the glomerular filtration function is damaged. And the control to protein in urine can directly influence the prognosis of condition. If you care about the side eff...Read More

What Does Foamy Urine Mean

What does foamy urine mean? It is normal to splash foams while urinating. In normal condition, these foams disappear quickly after urination. However, in some cases, people may found the foams in their urine exist for a very long time. Why...Read More

Is It Possible to Drop 1000mg Urine Protein To Normal Range

Is it possible to drop 1000mg urine protein to normal range? In normal cases, protein discharged from urine should be less than 150mg within 24 hours. 1000mg is much more than the normal range and it may indicate some illnesses. Kidney dise...Read More

Chinese Herbs That Cure Proteinuria

What are the herbs that can cure proteinuria? When it comes to proteinuria, kidney problem is worth mentioning. Kidney disease is not the only illness that can cause protein in urine, but it is the most life-threatening one among the causes...Read More

Herbs For Proteinuria

What are the herbs for proteinuria? Proteinuria, just as its name implies, is associated with massive protein in urine (more than 150mg/24h) and it is one of the dominant symptoms of kidney failure. Many medicines like hypotensive drugs can...Read More

Does Bubbles In Urine Mean Kidney Disease

Bubbly urine refers to urine with lots of small bubbles which do not disappear within a certain period of time. It is a dominant symptom of kidney disease, so many people worry if they develop kidney problem when they notice there are bubbl...Read More

Treatment For Kidney Failure With Bubbles In Urine

What is the treatment for kidney failure patients with bubble in urine? As we know there are different types of kidney disorder according to the pathological changes. And with different causes, it is necessary for kidney failure patients to...Read More