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Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Qi Gong, Chi Kong or Chi Gung is a typical Chinese physical exercise with medical treatment effects that achieved by aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. As a common physical exercises in China, Qi Gong diverse in kind,but mainly consists of two types: Dynamic Exercise and Static Exercise. For dynamic exercise, it emphasizes physical activity; whereas, for static exercises, it aims at regulating physical condition by awareness and breath.

As an unique Chinese exercise, Qi Gong has its treatment characteristics. Typically, a qinggong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm mindful state and visualization of guiding qi through the body. Qi is a typical Chinese term and can be translated as "intrinsic life energy".

Different from most of the modern medical therapies, Qi Gong neither needs no patients to take oral medications nor asks patients to receive any chemotherapeutics. It achieves medical purpose by physical exercises and regulation of awareness. Owing to its natural treatment methods, Qi Going is now practiced throughout China and worldwide. Also, it has been applied as an alternative medicine or meditative practice by many countries.

Although Qi Gong differs greatly from modern medical treatment, its therapeutic principles can be explained clearly modern theory. In the eyes of modern medicines, Qi Gong works by playing the following functions:

1. Regulating sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve

Through regulating sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, Qi Gong helps to alleviate high blood pressure, cold limbs and dizziness.

2. Protecting cerebral cortex

Qi Gong helps to lower the reaction of cerebral cortex to illness, which is helpful for the recovery of body disorder caused by over excitation and increase the coordinate ability of our brain.

3. Qi Gong also helps to improve breath condition and digestive tract function.

4. Qi Gong helps to increase immunity

Qi Gong increases blood circulation and increase our self-curative ability, so as to increase our immunity to surrounding harmful substances.

As Qi Gong only involves physical exercises, breath and awareness, it has been adopted by many healthy people as special exercise to strengthen their body.

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Doctor of Medicine Yu, Junqing

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