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What Cause Ammonia Taste in Mouth in Kidney Failure

2014-03-12 23:16

What Cause Ammonia Taste in Mouth in Kidney FailureIn kidney failure, many patients will experience a lot of discomforts. Ammonia taste in mouth is one of them. Then what cause ammonia taste in mouth in Chronic Kidney Failure?

It is known to all that kidneys are the blood cleaners. They clean the blood by filtering the toxins and metabolic waste out of the body. If kidneys are damaged, the toxins are not able to be discharged. So they will accumulate in blood. While, the ammonia taste in mouth is closely related with the accumulated toxins, especially the urea.

The urea will enter into intestinal tract through blood vessel and it will be decomposed into ammonia by urea enzymes. Excessive ammonia will be discharge through mouth. This is one cause of ammonia taste in mouth.

In kidney failure, the urea in saliva is also more than the normal people. After degrading, it will generate ammonia, which is the direct cause of ammonia taste in mouth.

In addition, the increased urea in kidney failure can also be breathed out through pulmonary circulation, which can also lead to ammonia taste in mouth.

If you have ammonia taste in mouth, you are more likely to develop poor appetite. If this symptom goes for long, weight loss and anemia will attack you at last. So do not ignore the slight anomalies of our body, which may be signs of disease. As long as you notice any anomalies, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

In terms of the treatment, it is crucial to find the basic one for the disease. The treatment that can improve kidney function is the root method to solve problems. If you want to know this kind of treatment, you can send an email to for consultation. If you are not clear with the causes of ammonia taste in mouth in kidney failure, you can leave a message below. I will give you a reply in 48 hours!

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