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I’m Suffering from Shortness of Breath in Kidney Failure

2014-03-29 02:02

I’m Suffering from Shortness of Breath in Kidney Failure  Are you kidney failure patients? Are you suffering from shortness of breath in kidney failure? Do you know why you experience this symptom? Next, let’s talk about this question.

Kidney failure is a stage that kidney function declines to below less than 15%. Kidney dysfunction can not only affect the normal function of kidneys, but also cause damage to other organs, such as heart and lung, which are related to shortness of breath.

You are often with a low immunity in kidney failure. So the external virus and bacteria will take this advantage to intrude your body, causing infection, especially pulmonary infection, with which you will feel shortness of breath.

Pulmonary edema caused by kidney insufficiency is also a leading cause of shortness of breath. Cardiovascular diseases are common complications of kidney failure, which may also lead to shortness of breath. Besides, if you develop a negative attitude to your illness, the depressed feeling will make you feel shortness of breath.

How to prevent shortness of breath?

Firstly, improve your immunity and prevent infection. Make sure that you get enough sleep at night. Eat a proper diet. The fresh fruits and vegetables are good to your health. They can help improve your immunity and prevent infection.

Secondly, improve your kidney function and prevent cardiovascular disease. So you must find the correct treatment to improve your kidney function. What treatment can achieve this goal? Hot Compress Therapy is recommended. This is a natural therapy which is on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. But what makes it different is that it is externally used. The special function of this therapy is to repair the damaged kidney cells and restore the healthy qi in general. If you want to know the detailed information of this therapy, you can send an email to for consultation. Once your kidney function is improved, the risk of shortness of breath will be lowered. Any follow-up questions? Please leave a message below!

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