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Respiratory Problems Caused by Kidney Failure and Dialysis

2014-10-27 14:00

Respiratory Problems Caused by Kidney FailureIs there a relationship between kidney failure and respiratory problems? Some kidney failure patients are complaining that respiratory problems torture them a lot, and whether dialysis treatment can help deal with this problem?

Will kidney failure cause respiratory problems?

When kidney function declines, in addition that waste products begin to build up within the blood, fluid retention also results. If not treated, fluids continue to build within the body and may begin to collect in the air sacs of the lungs. This condition, known as pulmonary edema, can result in difficulty breathing, restlessness, anxiety and wheezing and other respiratory problems. Untreated pulmonary edema can finally lead to respiratory failure which can be life-threatening and directly cause death.

Will dialysis work on the respiratory problems caused by kidney failure?

Yes, dialysis can help relieve this symptom to a certain degree and avoid more severe consequences happening. If your respiratory problems can not be treated well, you can email us to, our experts on respiratory system and kidney failure will surely give you the valuable medical advises.

Can dialysis really help treat kidney failure?

We have to say dialysis treatment is unable to help repair kidney damage and recover renal function though it helps prolongs life expectancy for dialysis patients to a certain degree. We have to admit that there are so many kidney failure patients who are trying their best to avoid dialysis or get rid of it around the world. They should know that making kidneys work again by recovering renal function becomes the only way. If you are seeking for alternative treatment to dialysis, you can click Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Renal Failure to learn about this new treatment.

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