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Kidney Failure And Breathing Problems

2013-03-08 17:03

breathing problemKidney failure means part or even all kidney functions are lost that excessive water, electrolytes and metabolic wastes and toxins can not be discharged efficiently. The retention of water, sodium, toxic wastes in the body can cause symptoms in nearly all systems in the body.

Typical respiratory system symptoms are breathing problems such as shortness of breath, ammonia smell in the mouth and in case of acidosis patients will have difficulty in breathing and their breaths are long and deep.

There are several conditions of breathing problems in kidney failure patients.

1. Retention of body fluid, heart dysfunction can cause pulmonary edema or pleural effusion. This is one common cause of breathing difficulty due to inefficiency in removing excessive water by the kidneys. In severe conditions, patients can not even lie flat.

Some natural herbs have diuretic properties including dandelion root, stinging nettles, etc. Diuretics can not only relieve fluid retention, but also can help control high blood pressure and flush more wastes from the blood. Natural herbal diuretics can help patients avoid any renal toxicities or other side effects.

2. Metabolic acidosis can cause breathing difficulty, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.

3. Kidney failure can cause pleural disease and patients can have pleural rub, chest pain or discomfort, difficulty in breathing or fever.

4. The lung can be calcified and make breathing difficulty. Kidney failure often cause calcification in soft tissues among which lung is the most common part. Stopping calcium supplement, low-phosphorus diets, oral intake of alumina, low-calcium dialysate, increased frequency or duration of dialysis can reveres calcification.

If not treated timely, breathing problem can greatly affect the patient’s sleep and normal daily life activities, therefore it is very necessary to first find out the exact cause of breathing problem and treating the underlying cause can help relieve breathing difficulty and improve the patients’ life quality.

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