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Asthma In Renal Failure And Cares

2013-03-14 15:59

asthmaRenal failure will not only affect the kidneys but will involve nearly every system and organs in the whole body especially in the end stage. The respiratory system will be affected in renal failure and patients can have pulmonary edema, asthma or even pulmonary failure.

We know that renal failure patients often have swelling in their hands, ankles, feet, face, abdomen due to fluid retention when the kidneys can not function well to remove excessive water, electrolytes and wastes from the body. If edema can not be controlled well, it can affect the internal organs such as pleural effusion, pulmonary edema, etc. In such conditions, diuretics medicines should be used timely to alleviate swelling in the early stage and avoid more serious illness conditions such as asthma, lung problems or pulmonary failure.

Kidney failure patients often have low immunity and they are more susceptible to various infections and viruses. If patients have bronchitis or viral pneumonia, they can also have asthma. Therefore it is important to seek more natural and effective treatment to replace hormones and immunosuppressant because they can further weaken the patients’ immune functions and damage their disease-resistance ability. Chinese medicines and immunotherapy are all good choices.

One relatively severe complications of kidney failure is congestive heart failure which is another possible cause of asthma. Therefore it is very important to take regular medicines, have proper diets, giving up smoking and alcohol and have regular exercises to control high blood pressure and high blood lipid to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

If renal failure patient is on hemodialysis, it can be one cause of asthma. Report it to your doctor and take test to see if you are allergic to dialysate. Usually replacing acetate with bicarbonate dialysate can make asthma disappear.

Renal failure or dialysis can be the cause of asthma. And in the daily life, there are many allergens that can trigger asthma such as dust, pollen, etc. Therefore if you have known your allergens, you should try to avoid them. But if you do not know, you can seek your doctor’s help and find out weather you have any allergen or not.

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