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Causes and Treatment for Shortness of Breath in Kidney Failure

2013-05-08 11:19

Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of kidney failure and also the reason for patients to be hospitalized in some cases. Well, how does kidney failure cause shortness of breath and what is the treatment for it?

Causes of shortness of breath in kidney failure

In kidney failure, the most common causes of shortness of breath include:

1. Metabolic Acidosis: kidney is a bean-shaped organ with responsibilty of keeping acid-base balance. When kidney function is impaired seriously because of kidney failure, disturbance of acid-base occurs. Large amounts of acidic material build up in blood, leading to metabolic acidosis. Under such a condition, shortness of breath occurs easily. In cases of kidney failure, shortness of breath caused by metabolic acidosis is always accompanied with poor appetite, vomit and fatigue.

2. Serious fluid retention: Serious fluid retention can cause pulmonary edema or hydrothorax which will make kidney failure patients feel difficult in breathing.

Treatment for shortness of breath in kidney failure

With different causes, kidney failure patients need to receive different medical measures. The followings are the several tips that can help to remit or prevent shortness of breath.

1. Limit fluid intake strictly if there is swelling symptom. The exact fluid intake depends on the specific illness condition, but generally 500 milliliter more than the urine output of the day before. In addition, when they have a strong desire to drink water, they can daub their lips with soaked swab.

2. Diuretics also can be used to remit swelling and shortness of breath and they show quick and obvious treatment effects.

3. Adjust the balance of acid-base through diet. For instance, you can consume more baking soda.

4. Try Chinese medicine like micro-Chinese medicine which can help to improve kidney condition and thus remit shortness of breath.

Any questions about causes and treatment for shortness of breath in kidney failure, please feel free to leave us message or consult our consultant online.

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