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Why Is There Shortness Of Breath In Kidney Failure

2013-06-07 14:38

 Shortness Of Breath In Kidney FailureWhy is there shortness of breath in kidney failure patients? Shortness of breath is a worrisome symptom that may occur in many conditions. For kidney failure patients, they may experience various discomforts, including shortness of breath, once kidneys fail to work properly. However, the problem is how kidney failure cause shortness of breath on earth?

Why is there shortness of breath in kidney failure?

Actually, kidney failure patients suffer from shortness of breath may due to different conditions:

1. Severe fluid retention in the body

Fluid retention is a condition that excess fluid accumulate in the tissues or cavities of the body. Kidneys filter blood and discharge excess fluid, so when kidney failure is caused, fluid retention occurs easily. Mild fluid retention produces no influence on patient’s respiratory system. However, without effective treatment, pulmonary edema will be finally caused. With pulmonary edema, patients will experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing when lying down.

2. Renal Anemia

Renal anemia refers to lower red blood cell count in blood due to kidney failure. Red blood cell is in charge of carrying oxygen to the body tissues, so when red blood cell count is lower than the normal range, patients become tired easily and in serious cases, they will suffer from shortness of breath.

3. Metabolic Acid

Metabolic acid is another cause for kidney failure patients to experience shortness of breath. Healthy kidneys discharge metabolic wastes out of the blood. When kidney failure is formed, acidic material will build up in blood, leading to metabolic acid. With metaboic acid, kidney failure patients will run high risk for shortness of breath.

4. Heart failure

Heart failure also can be a cause of shortness of breath for kidney failure patients. Heart failure is one of the most deadly complications of end stage renal disease and also the number one cause of patient’s death. Therefore, it is very imperative to prevent heart problem once being diagnosed with kidney failure.

Shortness of breath affect patient’s life seriously and what is more, it may imply serious health tissues. Therefore, it is necessary to found out the root cause of it and then take corresponding measures. Here we offer online service, so you can consult our consultant online for natural remedies. Also, if you are bothering by shortness of breath, you can leave your illness condition to Our experts will help to fight out the causes of it and then offer some suggestions within 48 hours.

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