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What Causes Shortness Of Breath In Dialysis Patients

2013-07-26 11:57

What Causes Shortness Of Breath In Dialysis PatientsWhat causes shortness of breath in dialysis patients? Shortness of breath is a worrisome symptom, as it may indicate more serious health problems. For dialysis patients, they are running high risk for various digestive problems, nerve problems, respiratory problems and so on. Shortness of breath is one of the common respiratory problems and for dialysis patients, they may experience this symptom due to:

1. Too much fluid in lung

In early stage of Chronic Kidney Failure, patients usually suffer no fluid retention or mild swelling in eyelid, face, limbs and abdomen. These conditions are not severe enough to cause respiratory problems. However, if they are not controlled effectively, fluid retention will spread to lung, leading to pulmonary edema which is a common cause of shortness of breath.

2. Anemia

Anemia occurs easily when kidney disease progresses to advanced stage. With anemia, patients may experience shortness of breath, even they do not do any physical exercises. Dialysis is a life-saving method. It helps to clear harmful substances out of our body, but during this process, some fresh blood might be removed as well, which can worsen anemia.

3. Hypotension/low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is another possible cause for dialysis patients to develop shortness of breath. Almost all the kidney failure patients have elevated blood pressure which need them to take some hypotensive drugs to manage. Dialysis itself can cause decrease of blood pressure, so adjust medicine dose before dialysis is very essential for renal failure patients; otherwise, they will experience extremely low blood pressure which can bring them shortness of breath and even coma.

Dialysis patients may experience shortness of breath due to different conditions, so it is of great importance to foud out the root causes and then take corresponding measures on the basis of it. (For information about management of shortness of breath caused by different conditions, please contact us directly:

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