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Skin Problems

Excessive wastes and toxins in kidney failure will reflect in the skin and the common skin problems are itching, dry skin and dark skin.

Is Hair Loss Caused by Kidney Failure

In case of kidney failure, much of kidney function has been lost, and then, with the decreasing kidney function, patients will suffer from symptoms, moreover, patients even suffer from some side effects. Why kidney failure causes hair loss?...Read More

Itchy Rash in Stage 3 CKD: Cause and Treatment

Some stage 3 CKD patients suffer from itchy rash which not only influence the image of patients, but also trouble the mind and body of patients. The severe pains urges patients to know the cause and treatment. The cause of itchy rash in sta...Read More

Can CKD Cause A Rash in The Winter

Its winter. For normal people, they are easy to get disease in a such flu season, what is more for CKD patients with poor immunity. Then can CKD cause a rash in the winter? Rash can be related with many factors, now let us have a study abou...Read More

Best Treatment for Itching Problems in Kidney Failure

With the kidney function decline, kidney failure patients will suffer more and more symptoms, among of them, itching is the common and complicated one. The severe pains itching bring to patients urges them to know the cause and management....Read More

Dry Skin on Kidney Failure

Dry skin can markedly affect patients quality of life and can negatively impact their mental physical health. It also can be a sign of underlying kidney issues. What are the common causes of dry skin on kidney failure? And how to help patie...Read More

Itching Skin and End Stage Kidney Failure

Patients who are at End Stage Kidney Failure usually come across some symptoms, such as, anemia, high creatinine level, and itching skin. It will lead to severe condition without proper treatment. What causes itching skin on end stage kidne...Read More

Itching Skin on Kidney Failure

Itching skin is a very common symptoms of kidney failure, if you happen to suffer from itching skin, do not worry. You are not alone with this symptoms. Have any doubts, send email to Some patients who are su...Read More

Rash on Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level

Kidney failure is a kind of chronic kidney disease. The elevated creatinine level is a sign of kidney failure. And many symptoms occur along with the elevated creatinine level, such as headache, loss of appetite, nausea and rash. Rash is a...Read More

How to Treat Dark Skin in ESRD Patients Naturally

Many ESRD patients notice that the color of their skin becomes darker and darker, then what is going on with this problem? In the following content, we will introduce you not only the reason why dark skin happens to ESRD patients, also its...Read More

How to Treat Extreme Itch for Dialysis Patients

Extreme itch can be a common complaint among dialysis patients, there is no doubt that the quality of life can be affected. As a kidney failure patient, if you are on dialysis treatment, in addition how to treat extreme itch can be learnt h...Read More