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Skin Problems

Excessive wastes and toxins in kidney failure will reflect in the skin and the common skin problems are itching, dry skin and dark skin.

How to Treat Extreme Itch for Dialysis Patients

Extreme itch can be a common complaint among dialysis patients, there is no doubt that the quality of life can be affected. As a kidney failure patient, if you are on dialysis treatment, in addition how to treat extreme itch can be learnt h...Read More

Causes and Treatment for Eczema in Kidney Failure

Once kidney failure patients are having eczema, there is no doubt that the quality of life can be severely affected. Eczema is term for a group of medical conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated. While, why eczema hap...Read More

Treatment for Kidney Failure Stage 3 with Skin Rash

Patients with kidney failure stage 3 will suffer from various symptoms and complications with the reduction in kidney function. Can skin rash be one of them? The following content is expected to help deal with kidney failure stage 3 with sk...Read More

How Chinese Medicine Therapies Treat Skin Itching in Kidney Failure

Skin itching can be a very common symptom of kidney failure and it undoubtedly affects patients normal life. Are you interested in Chinese medicine therapies treating your skin itching in kidney failure? If so, the following content can hel...Read More

How to Deal with No Sweat and Feel Cold in Kidney Failure

Symptoms of kidney failure vary from patients to patients. Some kidney failure patients may feel cold always, and there is no sweat even though in a hot weather. Is there an effective treatment can deal with this symptom for kidney failure...Read More

Is There An Effective Treatment for Kidney Failure with Itchy Skin

Kidney failure, also called renal failure or renal insufficiency, is the inevitable result of the development of all kinds of kidney diseases. At this stage, the kidneys fail to adequately filter metabolic products from the blood. As the ac...Read More

Can Herbs Save Lupus Nephritis Patient's Skin in Summer

The patients with Lupus Nephritis are usually suffering from skin problems, and especially in summer. We can imagine how terrible it is to bear the skin problems, such as itching, butterfly erythema, discoid lupus, and light irritation. So,...Read More

Is There Natural Treatment to Relieve Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

Itchy skin in Chronic Kidney Failure is a really an annoying symptom. People may suffer from bad sleep, bad mood and poor concentration because of itchy skin. Is there natural treatment to relieve itchy skin in kidney failure? In renal fail...Read More

What Should You Notice with Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

Itchy skin is regarded as the most troublesome symptom of kidney failure. It makes people distracted and upset. What should you notice with itchy skin in kidney failure? For some people, itchy skin occurs in one certain area, while others m...Read More

Natural Remedies for Itchy Skin in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Itchy skin is a troublesome symptom that people in stage 4 kidney failure may develop. It seems that there is no effective method to relieve it in the west. But do not worry, here are some natural Chinese remedies for itchy skin in stage 4...Read More