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Treatment for Skin Rashes and Kidney Failure

2013-09-03 10:51

Skin raches can happen to some kidney failure cases. They may occur with viral infections, fungal infections or bacterial infections. Skin rashes may also occur as a symptom of a more serious disease, such as kidney disease, liver disease or some types of cancer. The following information about treatment for skin rashes and kidney failure is expected to be helpful.

Why can skin rashes happen to kidney failure?

Kidneys remove waste from the bloodstream, so when kidneys fail, the buildup of waste in your bloodstream can cause skin rashes or severe itching. Skin rashes and other skin problems can become more common especially at kidney failure stage.

Different people with lupus get different symptoms. These may include skin rashes, joint pain, tiredness, weight loss, fever, swelling of lymph glands and so on. The skin rashes that some lupus nephritis patients get can form a butterfly pattern over the bridge of the nose, resembling the bite of a wolf. 60% of people with lupus develop lupus nephritis and about 30% of patients with lupus nephritis may develop kidney failure after 5-20 years.

Treatment for skin rashes and kidney failure

In addition to some other home remedies can help relieve skin rashes to a certain degree, here we will see how to treat skin rashes and kidney failure from the root.

Firstly, we can adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is based on Chinese herbal medicine to repair kidney damage and recover renal function, in that case, kidneys can work normally again to filter the wastes and toxins out of body, thus relieving skin rashes to a large extent. As a matter of fact, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy belongs to a natural treatment. All the medicines used come from the nature, kidney failure patients do not need to worry about the side effects. Moreover, it is used externally, which avoids the loss of efficiency of medicines and damage to gastrointestinal tract.

If you are a patient with lupus nephritis and skin rashes, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be also used to help you recover renal function. But the first step is to eliminate lupus by plasma exchange, which can stop further damage to kidneys and other organs in the body.

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