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Treatments for Itching for Dialysis Patients

2013-10-11 15:18

Treatments for Itching for Dialysis PatientsItching is seen commonly in the skin of dialysis patients and sometimes affects their life seriously. When patients who are sustain their life by dialysis have itching in the back or even in the whole body, they will feel very uncomfortable and irritability, which motivate them to find some treatments for itching. In addition, dialysis can aggravate the itching greatly, so if patients want to stop dialysis and to look for other natural therapies which don’t have any side effects, you can send an email to, we will try our best to help you. However, if you insist on dialysis, the following introduces some treatments for itching for dialysis patients.

1. In general, the accumulation of phosphorus may cause itching in the process of dialysis. On this occasion, patients need to change dialyzer, such as use high flux dialyzer instead of low or middle flux dialyzer. Moreover, they should use hemodialysis filtration or blood perfusion regularly to improve the symptom of itching. In order to reduce the accumulation of phosphorus, they can also take a low phosphorus diet or use phosphate binder, such as calcium acetate, calcium carbonate and lanthanum carbonate.

2. Toxins build up in the body can also lead to itching for dialysis patients. Actually, in intermittent period of dialysis, keep your stool smoothly in order to discharge toxins out of your body successfully.

3. Pay attention to the reasonable supplement of calcium and check blood calcium, phosphorus and parathyroid hormone levels regularly is also the effective treatment for itching for dialysis patients. And also, in their daily life, they should stick to regular bath to clean the skin.

The above are some treatments for itching for dialysis patients. In fact, the skin itching is caused by the underlying kidney damages. In other words, if your kidney functions can be improved, dialysis will be not necessary any longer as well as the itching will be avoided. So the first thing you must to do is to treat your kidney function immediately.

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