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What Should You Notice with Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

2014-03-26 22:35

What Should You Notice with Itchy Skin in Kidney FailureItchy skin is regarded as the most troublesome symptom of kidney failure. It makes people distracted and upset. What should you notice with itchy skin in Chronic Kidney Failure?

For some people, itchy skin occurs in one certain area, while others may feel itching all over the body. What’s your condition? When it happens, you cannot focus on doing anything. At night, it will make trouble to your sleep. You may have a poor life quality. Why itchy skin will happen in kidney failure?

The basic reason should be attributed to the failed kidneys. The normal kidneys are responsible for filtering the waste products. When kidneys have problems, they waste products will build up in blood. Because they cannot be discharged through kidneys, some of them will be discharged through skin. If they deposit on skins, skin will react as itching.

Another cause is high phosphorus level, which is also contributed by kidney problems. Kidneys are thought to have the functions of keeping balance of electrolyte. If kidneys are failed, extra phosphorus cannot be removed, resulting in high phosphorus level.

The followings are the things that you should notice in your daily life to relieve itchy skin.

- Try to avoid scratching the skin for not to break the skin. If there are wounds on the skin, germs will take this opportunity to intrude, which will cause infection.

- Do not take hot water bath. The hot water will stimulate the skin, which will increase the feeling of itching.

- Pay attention to the soap or body lotion. Those that have natural and pure ingredients are your best choices.

- Manage your diet carefully. Limit the phosphorus intake.

These tips are important for you to keep in mind. But the fundamental solution to itchy is to treat kidney disease, that is to improve kidney function. So natural treatment Hot Compress therapy is recommended. This therapy aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and restore the original qi. In addition, herbs that can help discharge the toxins will be used to this therapy. One more point, it is different from what you may imagine, it is an externally application. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can send me an email to for further consultation.

As long as you follow the tips as above, the itchy skin in kidney failure will be greatly relieved. Any other questions? Leave a message below and I will reply within 48 hours!

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