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Can Herbs Save Lupus Nephritis Patient's Skin in Summer

2014-06-19 08:01

The patients with Lupus Nephritis are usually suffering from skin problems, and especially in summer. We can imagine how terrible it is to bear the skin problems, such as itching, butterfly erythema, discoid lupus, and light irritation. So, summer is a hard time for the patients with lupus nephritis. Can herbs save lupus nephritis patients’ skin in summer?

Why do the patients with lupus nephritis suffer from skin problems?

Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disease that caused by systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE). One of the obvious symptoms of SLE is skin rash, that is often seen over the cheeks and bridge of the nose, but it also will be widespread. What is worse, it will become worse in the sunlight, so the patients are afraid to go out, which seriously affects the patients’ normal life.

Can herbs save lupus nephritis patients’ skin in summer?

As the promotion of TCM, more and more people in the world pay attention to herbs. So, the patients suffering from lupus nephritis want to reply on herbs to save their skin.

In fact, some herbs can alleviate the skin problems and repair the damaged kidney. In China, an innovative therapy (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy) in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been created, and it is the combination of many kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This therapy has four advantages in treating lupus nephritis: expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix, which can prevent the disease getting worse and promote the elimination of immune complexes. One more point, this therapy can correct the immune disorder and enhance their immunity. Thus, it can save lupus nephritis patients’ skin in summer from root. If you are interested in this therapy, you can send an email to, and we will introduce you how this therapy treat lupus nephritis.

Herbs can save lupus nephritis patients’ skin in summer, but in view that lupus nephritis is hard to be cured, you also need to take some measures when go out, such as wear long sleeve blouse and pants, wear sunhat or sun umbrellas. Any other questions, you can free chat with our online doctors or leave a message below.

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