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Itching Skin and End Stage Kidney Failure

2014-12-12 14:56

Itching Skin and End Stage Kidney FailurePatients who are at end stage kidney failure usually come across some symptoms, such as, anemia, high creatinine level, and itching skin. It will lead to severe condition without proper treatment.

What causes itching skin on end stage kidney failure?

High phosphorus level has been considered as one of major causes for itching skin on end stage kidney failure. The normal kidneys are responsible to remove out the toxic substances out of body, regulate blood pressure and electrolyte level. When the kidneys are attacked by various kidney diseases, the disturbance of electrolyte will occur, resulting in high phosphorus level.

Inadequate dialysis. Patients who are at end stage kidney failure usually undergo dialysis. Dialysis can help to remove out the toxins and regulate the electrolyte level. If the dialysis is not sufficient, and excess blood urea nitrogen can not be removed out of body, causing itching skin.

How to treat itching skin on end stage kidney failure?

There are two ways contributing to the treatment of itching skin on end stage kidney failure. Kidney transplant can help patients to end up the itching skin problem and other symptoms of kidney failure quickly. However, you need to know that kidney transplant is not a cure for kidney failure. There is always a time that the new kidney has rejection to your body, even if you take a great amount of anti-rejection drugs. Therefore, in the long term, patients have to seek for a treatment which can alleviate the symptoms naturally, but also has few side effects. Repairing the kidney function is the fundamentally way for all of symptoms.

“Four plus seven”treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a completely natural treatment. This treatment works to promote blood circulation, expend blood vessels, remove the toxic substance out of body completely, ease the symptoms fundamentally, improve the kidney function effectively.

If you happen to be someone with itching skin problem, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and receive the treatment timely.

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