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Is Hair Loss Caused by Kidney Failure

2015-02-15 11:16

Is Hair Loss Caused by Kidney FailureIn case of kidney failure, much of kidney function has been lost, and then, with the decreasing kidney function, patients will suffer from symptoms, moreover, patients even suffer from some side effects.

Why kidney failure causes hair loss?

Insufficient protein intake

For patients with kidney failure, in order to reduce the workload of the kidneys, patients are suggested to take the protein as little as possible. With insufficient protein intake, patients are more likely to experience hair loss.


With the decreasing kidney function, the failed kidney not keep the water in balance, patients will suffer from dehydration. Hair loss occurs because of dehydration.

From the above content, can kidney failure cause hair loss. And then, how to deal with hair loss in kidney failure.

On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease put forward a series of natural treatments to deal with the kidney disease. The natural treatments here not only can alleviate some painful symptoms, but also can improve kidney function.

“Four ‘one’ ” treatment

A bottle of Maikang Composition. It is essential in the process of treatment. The main function of it is to activate blood circulation and remove the stasis.

A dose of oral Chinese medicine. The main materials in this therapy are changed on the basis of patients’ illness condition and different treating period and different patients.

A dose of external application. The main function of this therapy can penetrate into kidney lesions directly, so as to promote blood circulation, extend blood vessels, improve immunity, provide a health internal environment, improve kidney function.

A basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. Before they sleep, patients need to have a foot bath, it can achieve the function of promoting the microcirculation of whole body.

Medicated Bath

In this therapy, patients can take a bath into medicated water. During the treatment, patients will sweat a lot, the toxic substances can be eliminated with large amount of urine and sweat.

Hair loss can be relived with the improvement of kidney function.

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