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Can Fatigue be Alleviated in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-03-27 16:28

Can Fatigue be Alleviated in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney DiseaseFatigue is very common in people with kidney disease. More than a half of patients complain about that they they suffer from fatigue at daytime. This affects the quality of life seriously. So some patients want to know is there any treatment to alleviate fatigue in stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease.

Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease is the end stage of kidney disease, which means that there are lots of toxic substances and wastes products being deposited in the body. The accumulation of toxic substances and extra fluid may be the primary reason for patients to suffer from fatigue.

Patients with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease also have poor sleep. Poor sleep may be related to the effects of advanced kidney failure on breathing. Lots of toxic substances and extra fluid can get into all systems in the body, including lungs. When patients suffer from breathing problem, which indicates that there is something wrong with lungs.

Fatigue may be related with muscle cramping caused by dialysis at night. Muscle cramping is very painful, which affects patients’ sleeping quality seriously.

Can fatigue be alleviated in stage 5 chronic kidney disease?

Kidney transplant or dialysis is commonly used to alleviate the common symptoms in stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. Although it takes great effects on alleviating fatigue, patients often suffer from a lot from dialysis or kidney transplant. The natural treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital help patients to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. The main materials in this therapy are picked from the natural plants, which makes it possible to have less adverse effects to patients. After many years’ practice, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has shown its effects in treating kidney disease. The natural treatments not only can relive some poisoning symptoms, but also can improve kidney function. The Chinese herbs in this therapy can achieve the function of promoting the blood circulation, extending blood vessels, dredging matrix extracellular matrix. And this is a external application, the active substances in this therapy can penetrate into kidney lesions directly due to the external effects, so as to eliminate the toxic substances completely, repair the diseased cells and recover its normal function, fatigue can be alleviated with the improvement of kidney function.

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