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Why Do Patients with Kidney Failure Have Skin Rash

2015-04-13 18:05

Patients with kidney failure will suffer from many symptoms such as anemia, headache, fatigue and skin rash. Skin rash affects patients’ life quality seriously. Some patients just do not know why do they have skin rash? And more importantly, how to deal with properly?

Firstly, why do patients with kidney failure have skin rash?

In case of kidney failure, the diseased kidneys are failed to eliminate the toxic substances as well as the toxic substances, and then the toxic substances and extra fluid will deposit in the body, damaging the all systems in the body. Regarding on this, patients are more likely to suffer from skin rash.

In normal situation, the health kidney are responsible to keep electrolyte level in balance, regulate blood pressure. When the kidneys are damaged by various disease, the kidneys are unable to keep electrolyte level in balance. So patients are more likely to suffer from imbalance of electrolyte level, causing to high phosphorus level and low calcium level. High phosphorus level is another reason that leads patients to suffer from skin rash.

Some patients may allergic to certain medications, which also contributes to skin rash.

And then, how to alleviate skin rash in kidney failure?

Dialysis is commonly used to alleviate some painful symptoms by filtering blood. However, it replace easily if patients undergo dialysis.

The most fundamental way for patients to keep away from dialysis is to repair the kidney damage, recover their kidney function as well. The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital highly recommend the natural treatments. And the renal experts will make a specific treating plan for each one of you. If you want to know more details about the natural treatments, you are welcomed to send email to or leave a message below.

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