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Severe Itch In Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-03-22 12:09

Stage 4 chronic kidney failure is a serious illness condition with various symptoms like severe itch in skin, insomnia, poor appetite, nausea and vomit and so on. Among these symptoms, itching skin is one of the most bothersome symptoms, as it makes patients unable in concentration on what they are doing. Since itch is the most common problem and affect patient’s life seriously, it is necessary for people with stage 4 chronic kidney failure to learn some basic information about it.

How does stage 4 chronic kidney failure cause itching skin?

Itch problem is common among stage 4 chronic kidney failure patients, because stage 4 kidney failure is serious enough to affect patient’s life. Chronic kidney failure is divided into 5 stages and when it runs to stage 4, residual kidney function is not effective enough to discharge all the toxins in blood. Urea nitrogen is produced when protein is metabolized in our body. Normally, blood urea nitrogen is kept in a certain range (3.2-7.1 mmol/L). When we ingest too much protein at one time, kidneys will work hard to discharge excess urea nitrogen, so high blood urea nitrogen is harmful for our kidney.

For people with stage 4 chronic kidney failure, failed kidneys can not discharge excess urea nitrogen timely. Urea nitrogen build up in the blood and cause high blood urea nitrogen level. Urea nitrogen stimulate patient’s skin and thus cause itch problem.

How to deal with itch problem in stage 4 chronic kidney failure?

Since we know high urea nitrogen is the root cause of stage 4 chronic kidney failure, bringing blood urea nitrogen under control will help to deal with itch problem:

1. Improve kidney condition: kidneys are responsible for discharging urea nitrogen. When kidney function is impaired, urea nitrogen build up, so when kidney function is improved, much more urea nitrogen will be discharged and also itch problem is remitted.

2. Limit protein intake: urea nitrogen is the end product of urea nitrogen, so the more protein stage 4 chronic kidney failure ingest, the more urea nitrogen are produced. In this light, limiting protein intake is also helpful for controlling blood urea nitrogen and remitting itching skin.

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