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Tips for Remitting Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

2012-12-09 11:26

Tips for Remitting Itchy Skin in Kidney FailureYou may suffer unbearable itch in your skin if you are unfortunately diagnosed with chronic kidney failure which also can be called chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure and itching skin go hand in band because of the build up of nitrogenous waste products which are normally discharged via urine. Once kidney failure is formed, these wastes build up in the blood and stimulate our skin, making us feel itchy.

Itchy skin makes us unable in sleeping well in the night and concentrating on what we are doing, as we have to scratch ourselves all the time. To have a high quality life, we need to take some actions to remit itchy skin. Here we introduce several measurements and hope it is helpful for you.

1. Treat kidney failure as a whole

This is the most fundamental and effective method to deal with itching skin in kidney failure. Our body produces wastes at any time and it is owing to our strong kidneys, we can be free from these harmful substances. However, once kidney failure is formed, toxins have chance to build up in the blood and stimulate our skin. Therefore, treating kidney failure is the most effective and fundamental medical method to deal with itching skin.

2. Antipruritic

When you found it is really unbearable, you can have daub some antipruritic or take some tables that have function to remit itch. This method only can be taken as a short term solution. Antiruritic is helpful and make you feel better, but are you really healling? No, it is just a mask.

3. Bath treatment

Bath treatment is necessary as it not only helps to relieve skin problem, but also make us feel relaxed. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of bath treatment: Baking soda bath and Peppermint bath.

Baking soda bath: soak yourself for 15 to 30 minutes using a cup of baking soda per full bath tub. To some extent, backing soda bath helps to draw out toxins, but for kidney failure patients who have wound in their skin, they are usually not suggested to have baking soda bath.

Peppermint bath: Grab a handful of peppermint leaves form your garden, crush them and then place them in a bath. In addition, if you can not found peppermint leaves, you can buy a box of 100% peppermint tea bags and place 4 teabags within a lukewarm bath.

Itchy skin is just one of the clinical manifestations of kidney failure and no matter which method we choose, we must change our die to promote treatment effects. Lastly, itchy skin is really bothersome and if we want to remove it from the root, we must get kidney failure treated effectively and fundamentally.

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