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Skin Infection In Children May Lead To Glomerulonephritis

2018-07-13 15:52

Glomerulonephritis,Skin InfectionThe function of the kidneys is to continuously filter and expel body wastes. If the kidneys work procedure problems, when the kidneys fail to clear these wastes normally, they produce hematuria and proteinuria. But if handled properly, more than 95% of the acute nephritis can be effectively treated, but prevention is particularly important. Therefore, parents should be careful, not careless, delay the child's condition, miss the best time to treat.

If children do not pay attention to break skin, which may cause infection. This is a common phenomenon in life, and few people pay attention to it, think that bandage can be done, but it is not known that the frequent skin infection may cause acute nephritis.

Nephritis is generally speaking is the kidney inflammation, is the abbreviation of glomerulonephritis, is a allergic reaction to Streptococcus infection, and nephritis is the most common clinical kidney disease. Acute nephritis in children is a common disease in children, with high incidence, especially tonsillitis or skin suppurative infection, which are easy to secondary renal immune injury and acute nephritis.

Children with acute nephritis are most common in preschool children, especially in children over the age of 3. Usually after a week of cold and skin infection, children nephritis is easy to appear. Because their performance is not painful or itchy, if parents do not observe the changes of their children carefully, they may delay their condition. Generally speaking, acute glomerulonephritis often has acute tonsillitis and skin impetigo 1-4 weeks before onset.

At the beginning, there may be symptoms of low fever, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other symptoms. These symptoms are not different from the common fever infection. It is not easy to attract people's attention and is often ignored. Edema and oliguria are the characteristics of this disease. The general edema begins with the eyelids of children and gradually extends to the whole body. Therefore, when the child has eyelid edema, we should find out the reason and see whether it is because the water is too much, or the rest is not good, or because of nephritis.

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