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Renal Failure Patients Should Do Skin Care Well

2018-07-23 16:18

Skin Care,Renal FailureHow to do skin care well in Renal Failure stage? Skin care for patients with chronic renal failure is an important task to prevent skin infections, bedsore and related complications.

How to do skin care well in renal failure stage? Due to chronic renal failure of the kidney can not be excreted toxic substances in the body, which is easy to cause skin itching, very itchy and hard to bear, often make the patient insomnia. At this time, avoid scratching, prevent skin damage and bacterial infection and aggravate the condition.

Acupuncture treatment can also achieve the purpose of relieving itching. It can be used in points such as Qu Chi, Hegu, Xue Hai and Zusanli. Patients with chronic renal failure, due to long-term bed pressure, cause neurotrophic disorders and blood circulation disorders, local soft tissue continuous ischemia, malnutrition, prone to bedsore.

Good skin care is the key to prevent bedsore. Therefore, the position of patients should be changed frequently in nursing care, usually 1 times every 2~3 hours. When you turn over, avoid pulling, pulling, pushing and other actions to avoid scratching the skin. The beds of patients should be kept flat, without wrinkles, clean, dry and free of debris. The cleanliness and drying of the skin should be kept in particular. In addition, renal failure patients should do skin care, chronic renal failure patients should often use hot water bath, rubbing and local massage, in order to promote the local blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of bedsore.

If there is bedsore in patients with renal failure, the prevention and treatment of skin infection is particularly important. Local can be supplemented by infrared or standing lamp irradiation to dry the wound, promote blood circulation, and maintain the healthy growth of granulation tissue in the wound. Local conditions should be observed at any time to prevent scalding.

Of course, the best way to treat kidney failure is to repair damaged kidney and improve kidney functions. Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can expend blood vessels, improve blood circulation, promote the metabolism, toxins and excess wastes can be removed out completely, kidney functions can be improved, so skin problems can be solved from the root.

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