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Will Kidney Failure Cause Yellow Skin

2013-06-18 10:01

Will Kidney Failure Cause Yellow SkinWill kidney failure cause yellow skin? As for this questions, i’d like to say Yes. Kidney failure is an incurable disease and can bring patients various bothersome symptoms. According to clinical observation, almost all the kidney failure patients have skin problems like itching skin, dry skin, yellow skin or darken skin.

How kidney failure cause yellow skin?

Symptom of yellow skin is very common in kidney failure patients, especially these who are on dialysis. Clinical statistic reveals about 25-70% of dialysis patients are affected by yellow skin to some degree. And also the incidence increase with the duration of renal disease.

Kidney failure patients experience yellow skin mainly due to pigmentary disorders. The spectrum of pigmentary changes ranges from hyperpigmentation or yellowish discoloration and pallor. For kidney failure patients, yellow skin occurs when lipochrome and carotenoid deposit in dermis and subcutaneous tissues.

Other common skin problems in kidney failure

In clinic, aside from yellow skin, kidney failure patients are also running high risk for dry skin and itching skin.

Dry skin: Dry skin occurs in about 50-75% of dialysis patients and may promote the development of fissures, ulcers, lichen simplex chronicus, etc. For kidney failure patients with dry skin, they run a higher risk for infection, as skin barrier might be damaged due to failed kidneys. Also, wounds in these patients are harder to heal than that in healthy people.

Itching skin: Itching skin is another annoying skin problem among kidney failure patients. Compared with patients suffering from dry skin, kidney failure patients with itching skin usually suffer more. They may stay awake all the night as they have to scratch themselves from now and then. Also, it is hard for them to focus on what they are doing due to the itching feeling.

Some natural remedies can help to deal with these skin problem. But for kidney failure patients, all the skin problems, including yellow skin, occur due to decreased kidney function, so only when kidney function is improved, can these symptoms be removed radically.

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