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Yellow Skin In Kidney Disease

2013-07-07 09:13

Yellow Sin In Kidney DiseaseFor people with kidney disease, they may found their skin become yellow. Yellow skin is a skin manifestation of kidney disease, but why is this? Here in this text, we will give an explanation about this topic.

Why do kidney disease patients have yellow skin?

We know in early stage of kidney disease, patients may experience no symptoms due to the strong compensatory function of kidney. However, when kidney disease progresses to kidney failure stage, large amounts of toxins will build up in the body and this may cause influence on any part of our body. For kidney failure patients, yellow skin will occur when pigmentary changes to the skin are caused. In our body, the spectrum of pigmentary changes ranges from hyperpigmentation of yellowish discolouration and pallor. And yellow skin is the result that lots of lipochrome and carotenoid deposit in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. According to clinical statistic, pigmentary disorders affect about 25% to 70% of dialysis patients.

Other skin problems in kidney disease aside from yellow skin

Yellow skin is just one of the skin problem in kidney disease and aside from it, patients are also running high risk for:

Dry skin: Among dialysis patients, more than a half of them complain their skin become dry or roughened due to kidney problem. This predisposes them to infection as it compromises the normal skin barrier. Also, for these patients, it is extremely hard for them to heal if there are wounds in their skin.

Itching skin: Itching skin or pruritus is the most common skin symptom of kidney disease. And it usually occurs due to skin dehydration, histamine release and dialysis. In our daily life, different remedies can be used to alleviate this condition.

For kidney disease patients, though there are different managements about skin problem, including yellow skin, but if they want to solve skin problems radically, repairing kidney condition to improve kidney function will be the only and best solution. As only when we get the root cause removed, can problem be solved from the root.

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