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Kidney Failure and Body Rash

2013-08-06 10:54

Kidney Failure and Body RashWith kidney failure, patients are more likely to suffer from different symptoms, among which body rash is quite common. Sometimes, rash starts from the feet and then spreads to stomach, arms or even ears. If you also have such a headache, the following content aims to tell you what are the causes and treatments of body rash in kidney failure.

Firstly, make clear the causes

Kidney failure is a disorder that affects much more than the kidney. Immune system, cardiovascular, liver, lung, skin and many other organs and systems may be involved. As for skin rash, it may result from three conditions.

1. High phosphorus level: Severely impaired kidney can’t remove phosphorus efficiently that leads to high phosphorus level. Then, patients may experience body rash.

2. Build up of uremic toxins: When kidneys are unable to eliminate waste products and toxins from the bloodstream, the build up of uremic toxins will cause skin rashes or itching.

3. Primary cause: If your kidney disease is due to Lupus or other autoimmune diseases, body rash is one symptom to occur commonly.

How to treat body rash for kidney failure patients?

Even though rash in different patients are due to different causes, the root cause is the low kidney function and abnormal immune system. Therefore, the effective treatment should solve these problems. According to this requirement, we recommend Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is created to not only purify patients’ blood but also increase kidney function and regulate immune system. First of all, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, immune adsorption, plasma exchange, CRRT, etc, are used to remove uremic toxins from the body. Then, herbal medicines, which has an obvious effect on normalizing immune system and increase kidney function, are prescribed according to patients’ specific condition. Finally, patients’ skin condition can be improved largely.

Besides medical therapies, correct self-care is also very important. For example, don’t stretch the rash, otherwise, it may cause infections. Also, avoid spicy and greasy foods. There are many other noticing tips, but we can’t introduce them in detail one by one because of the limited words here. If you are tormented by body rash and kidney failure, you can describe your condition to us, and we are glad to share our useful informations with you.

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